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The first Johnson’s Popcorn to open on the Ocean City boardwalk, opened their doors in 1940. Prior to the 1960’s there were other Johnson’s Popcorn locations in the Philadelphia/New Jersey surrounding areas. During the 1950’s, a Somers Point, NJ school teacher named Mr. Jameson owned Johnson’s Popcorn. He then sold it in the 1960’s to William Keller. Mr Keller intrusted the operations to his sister and brother in law. Upon his brother in law’s passing, Mr. Keller sold the business to the current owner, John W. Stauffer in 1974. From 1975 until about 1988 Johnson’s was strictly a summer business. The hours of operation were from Memorial Day until Labor Day. Mr. Stauffer then took on a young partner, William Lombard who expanded the business through Christmas and eventually year round. Over the next ten years, Johnson’s Popcorn grew to 3 locations on the Ocean City, NJ boardwalk with a steady mail order business behind the scenes. Our 14th location opened in 1994. We also developed a new flavor during this time, our Peanut Crunch. In 2009, Bill Lombard left Johnson’s to work on his “bucket list”. Since 2009, we have added 2 more locations: a Gift Shop next to our 14th on the Wildwood Boardwalk. We have also added Chocolate Drizzle, Cheddar, & a Salty and Sandy (cheddar and caramel) Mix to our Menu. Johnson’s now provides party favors and custom tins and tubs in addition to the Original Design. While we use the exact same recipe that the original owners used since 1940, we blend nostalgia with modern business practice to provide our loyal customers with popcorn that we think IS. JUST. GREAT. St. location opened in 1989 and our 8th St. location in Ocean City and a full cooking location.

*John Stauffer is still the proud owner of Johnson’s Popcorn.

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